Operation Birthday Cake

TOP SECRET MISSION: Surprise your loved one with a birthday cake through our Operation Birthday Cake Program. We will even set-up delivery and take pictures!

REQUIREMENTS: We are excited to be part of this special day! Please submit request as soon as possible for purposes of scheduling. Requests will need to be submitted 15 days prior to the delivery date. To ensure a “surprise,” we will work closely with a unit representative and do our very best to ensure a timely delivery at their place of duty. If necessary, we will make adjustments to our delivery schedule assuming your loved one is unavailable for their delivery on the requested day.

Please note that requested delivery dates are not guaranteed. Deliveries are made during work hours Monday through Friday. All weekend and holiday requested deliveries are attempted on the next business day. If necessary, we will make adjustments to the delivery date depending on operational tempo and Command Approval. Requestors are required to be off-island at the time of the request and Cake Recipient be stationed in, or TDY/TAD to, Okinawa, Japan. This program is designed for service members to connect to their family, home and country while stationed overseas.

These special moments are often shared on the USO Okinawa Facebook Page and applicable center pages. Be sure to follow our Facebook pages for great action photos and connecting programs on Okinawa.
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