USO center manager inspires those on Okinawa

USO Okinawa would like to thank Dr. Tamara Owens for her dedicated contributions to the USO and community as a center manager for the last several years.

Tamara’s pleasant personality, innovative thinking, and approach to problem solving are a true testament to a great leader. She inspires everyone she meets, leads from the front and by example.

Dr. Owens made an incredible impact on the military community here on Okinawa. She touched the lives of so many service members and their families by carrying out the USO mission every day and delivering the mission of connecting service members to family, home and country. During her time with USO Okinawa, she influenced and made remarkable differences at USO Camp Foster, USO Kadena and AMC Terminal.

Her cheerful, friendly and reliable leadership will leave an imprint of all of those who had the pleasure of meeting her. The community and USO Okinawa will miss her valuable contributions.

The USO Okinawa Area Director, Phil VanEtten, stated, “Tamara is one of those once in a lifetime people you meet. I knew within three minutes of meeting her that we needed her on the USO Okinawa team. During her time here, she did two major center renovations without closing the center, significantly increased innovative programs and center usage, completed her PhD, supported her active duty husband and was the mother of a great son. Always positive and full of energy, we will certainly miss her, but are better people for having served with and learned from her.”

We are proud to call her our friend and colleague who inspired so many. We are certain she will continue to motivate and encourage others. With a grateful heart, we give thanks for all her hard work, dedication and passion to serve others with USO Okinawa.

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