AK Kogyo Continues to Enhance the Lives of U.S. Service Members and their Families with a Large Generous Contribution to USO Okinawa

Camp Foster, OKINAWA, Japan. Serving the military community since 2008, Eugene Boudreault, Owner and President, and Hawari Habrawi, General Manager of AK Kogyo American Finance Service, recently presented yet another silver-sponsorship level donation of $10,000 to J. Phil VanEtten, USO Okinawa Area Director.

“We at AK Kogyo have the privilege to be a proud corporate sponsor for USO Okinawa for another year in 2023. We know the USO Okinawa team is doing their best to help more U.S. service members and their families by lifting morale and connecting them to family, home, and country,” said Hawari Habrawi, General Manager for AK Kogyo. “As such, we wanted to do our part in supporting their efforts. By sponsoring USO Okinawa, we can help them achieve their goals and support their mission.”

AK Kogyo has served the U.S. Military Community since 2008 and provides auto and motorcycle financing for individual or dealership purchases in Okinawa or mainland Japan. AK Kogyo also has access to vehicles throughout Japan and can assist customers looking to purchase specific makes, models, or styles of cars.

AK Kogyo’s contribution to USO Okinawa supports innovative programming to keep service members and their families connected to the people, places, and things they love. It also provides outreach support to surrounding areas where no physical facility exists.

“Our USO Okinawa mission continues to be extremely important to the military commands we support, our deployed U.S. service members, and their families. During these pandemic and transitional-pandemic times, sponsors to USO Okinawa are fewer and further between. When sponsors like AK Kogyo stepped up to the plate, it means a great deal to the USO and how we deliver support to the commands in Okinawa, our service members, and their families,” said J. Phil VanEtten, USO Okinawa Area Director. “Sponsors like AK Kogyo truly make a difference and help strengthen our U.S. military. Without them, we could not make a difference to the commands USO Okinawa supports, our service members, or the family members who are looking for something meaningful to do.”

Being in Japan without a local national vouching for our service members makes it extremely difficult to obtain a car or motorcycle loan. Through AK Kogyo, service members can purchase vehicles over time from quality car dealers off-base at low rates and helpful payment plans. Many service members and their families would be walking, taking taxis, or taking buses without these services. These are the only support services to obtain loans like these.

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