USO Okinawa names 2018 summer volunteer of the quarter

2018 Summer volunteer of the quarter: Corporal Kevin Hernandez

Volunteer Location: USO Hansen

Occupation/branch of service: Satellite Operator/USMC

Cpl Hernandez has been volunteering with USO Hansen since December 2017 and has accumulated 418 hours. He first learned about the USO and its mission at the annual Halloween event held at USO Hansen. He wanted to find alternative ways to productively spend his free time outside of the barracks.

Cpl Hernandez volunteers for a chance to make a difference within the military community. He feels that the time he puts into the USO is time spent responsibly by giving back.

A fun fact about Cpl Hernandez is that he loves running! He described the experience as “time to myself. I get to relax while not relaxing; getting comfortable being uncomfortable. I don’t have to focus on work and after I feel more relaxed about everything!”

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