Mediatti Broadband Communications makes $40K USO donation

Keith A. Kirkman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mediatti Broadband Communications Okinawa, presented their 2018 Sponsorship donation to Phil VanEtten, USO Okinawa Area Director.

“Mediatti has been a proud sponsor of USO Okinawa for many years,” VanEtten said. “The USO cannot operate without sponsorships like that from Mediatti or donations from the giving citizens of our great nation. There is certainly a business side to operating the USO. We are proud to partner with Keith and his Mediatti staff as our relationship with them feels more like a family than a business relationship.”

As Keith stated during the presentation, “What we do is easy. Mediatti provides internet and television services to service members and their families on Okinawa. What you, the USO does, is hard and we want to thank you for the services you provide our service members and their families.”

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