Trevor Romain visits Amelia Earhart students

On November 9th, motivational speaker and children’s book author Trevor Romain was at Amelia Earhart Intermediate School delivering his powerful message about the importance of caring for one another and teaching children strategies for dealing with the unique challenges that they face as military kids.

Mr. Romain’s “With You All The Way” tour is sponsored by the USO and consists of a very exciting and engaging 75 minute presentation. Trevor begins his presentation by sharing personal stories and experiences of challenges he faced as a child. These stories include details of how he was bullied for being small, how he moved around as a child and how he struggled with disabilities such as Dyslexia and ADHD.

When fourth grader Aliza was asked what message did she think Trevor Romain was trying to get across? She responded with, “His message is to stop people from bullying, and for people to be nice to each other so everyone can get along.” Aliza said that Trevor taught her that you can become bully proof by being confident, sticking up for yourself and believing in yourself.

Third grade student Rainna said, “I learned the five secrets that will make things okay. They are 1-Talk, 2-Ask, 3-Be Kind, 4-Be Confident, and 5-Exercise. It’s hard for military kids around the world because we have to move, go to new schools and make new friends. We can use these five secrets to help us when things aren’t okay.”

At the end of the presentation, every student received The Military Child Empowerment Pack. This kit contained a disc with six of Trevor’s award-winning animated episodes, companion materials including a journal for the child, and a journal for parents.

Fifth grader Aiden summed it up by saying, “If something is going on in your life like a parent deploying, or bullying then you need to talk to someone, be confident and don’t let those things knock you down!”

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