USO Okinawa Staff Spotlight: Meet Yumi Sheridan

Name: Yumi Sheridan Position/Title: Administrative Assistant Time worked at USO: 1 year and 3 months Center/Office location: Okinawa Area Office

Yumi was born and raised in Okinawa. She married her husband, a former service member, and they share an amazing 16-year-old son. Yumi was introduced to the U.S. military community and engaged in U.S. culture from an early age. Her father worked at AFN (FEN back then) as a local national technician, where she met and befriended military service members and their families. After she got married, Yumi moved to the U.S., where she spent 16 years in Alabama and Virginia. She loved her time in the U.S. but is excited to be back home, in Okinawa, and working with the USO. Yumi wants to bring Japanese culture and experiences, such as Tea ceremonies, Kimono dressing, and language arts, to our service members and their families, making their time in Okinawa memorable and enjoyable.

Fun Questions for Yumi:

  1. Why do you love working at the USO?
    I truly love and enjoy working at the USO. Nothing better than working for an organization that does good things for our service members. And all the staff members are positive and work hard to deliver our mission.

  2. What is your favorite memory of working at the USO?
    One of my favorite memories is the volunteer appreciation beach party last summer. It was like one big family who care about one another, which showed how the USO is the place for them to connect.

FEATURED PROGRAM: I want to introduce more Japanese culture to the service members and their family. I can see our military families love these programs, and I hope to offer more experiences like Tea Ceremonies, Kimono dressing, languages, etc.

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