USO Okinawa Volunteer of the Year for 2021 selected

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USO Okinawa is pleased to announce that Romaldo Vasquez Jr is the USO Okinawa Volunteer of the Year. USO staff from throughout the area chose Vasquez for his tireless efforts and outstanding dedication to the service members and families of Okinawa, specifically Kadena Air Base and surrounding military installations.

“Romaldo raised the bar in demonstrating USO pride, loyalty, commitment, and work ethic,” Micah Taylor, USO Kadena Center Manager said. “We enjoyed working with someone who demonstrates capacity, agility, professionalism, and tenacity to handle such a broad range of volunteer responsibilities.”

Vasquez supports USO Kadena by volunteering every weekend to help keep the center running and did so for the entire year of 2021. Additionally, he supports the volunteers, the center team, and patrons. He is instrumental in serving as the primary point of contact for our weekend logistics for large groups of service members whose ships, at times, arrive during the weekends. In several cases, this meant having 300+ unexpected service members come through the center.

“Romaldo is exceptional because he goes above and beyond the call of duty to prepare the center, keep operations running, and speaks up about changes or concerns he has with the center,” Taylor said. “When Romaldo is involved in something, rest assured it will be done with excellence, on time, and with enthusiasm!”

He is instrumental in being a key contributor and team member supporting center projects such as game nights, training new volunteers, and improving center operations.

“He is an excellent role model for many volunteers and many employees; to be the best they can be and take ownership for their growth and performance,” Keiko Brantley, USO Kadena Center Operations Manager, said. “Romaldo is the quintessential role model of a high-performing team member and community leader. Thank you, Romaldo, for this past year of keeping USO Kadena open! Hands Down: USO Kadena would not have operated with Romaldo as a center without him.”

Taylor presented Vasquez with the USO Volunteer of the Year award for 2021 with his command and peers congratulating him on his outstanding service.

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