AK Kogyo American Finance Service

AK Kogyo American Finance Service - serving the U.S. Military Community since 2008

AK Kogyo provides auto and motorcycle financing for individual or dealership purchases in Okinawa or mainland Japan. No Credit Check Needed - Monthly Payment Plans

AK Kogyo provides can make special orders for vehicles. It has access to vehicles throughout Japan and can assist customers looking to purchase specific makes, models, or styles of vehicle. This service allows customers to compare quality and prices. AK Kogyo’s staff can provide price quotes, transaction translation services, shipping, JCI, and registrations.

Open Monday - Friday 9000 - 1800 098-894-3027 info@akkogyo.com https://www.okinawafinance.com Located across from Kadena Gate 1, above Family Mart English Speaking Staff - Transaction Translation Services Available