Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program

In the spirit of Bob Hope and his dedication for bringing military families together, the program is largely driven by virtual, on-demand story time offerings that will help the USO extend its reach and connect military families around the globe through reading. The Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program focuses on:

  • Bringing story time on demand around the globe. Service members are able to read a bed-time story to their children from halfway around the globe. Service members can visit a participating USO location, record themselves reading their child’s favorite story and have that recording and book shipped home.
  • Helping military kids stay connected through reading. Recognizing the challenges military children often face when dealing with separation, BHLRP makes it possible for military kids to add a new book to their own library and share story time with someone they love by recording themselves reading and sending that recording on to the child’s special loved one.
  • Supporting local reading programs in many USO locations around the world. Local reading programs are designed to serve the unique needs of each military community. For some locations, the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program gives military spouses dealing with a loved one’s deployment a chance to spend some time with other families in similar situations. Other program events encourage kids to use their creativity and complete a craft that complements a story’s theme.

For more information, or to schedule a recording session, please contact us.

  • USO Discovery Learning Project - The Very Hungry Caterpillar The USO Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program is opening a new door of discovery learning through The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Children can join in virtual storytimes as people from around the world, at USO centers, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in their own language. The guests also introduce children to common greetings, the days of the week, and numbers 1 - 10 in each language. An interactive folder, described as a lapbook, can be made at home to foster learning the multitude of concepts presented in videos and in the book including the lifecycle of a butterfly, counting, days of the week, colors, and favorite foods. An instructional video of how to assemble the lapbook is included. During this project, children love making sugar cookies or rice crispy treats and decorating them in the shape of a caterpillar or a butterfly. Imagine watching a video of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly and then go on a nature walk to find one. Click on the link below to find an idea check-sheet, supply list, and printable worksheets. Click on the link below to see the 14 language and activity videos on the USO Okinawa YouTube Channel. Your children’s imaginations will soar as you guide them through this USO Discovery Learning Project.

Download the workbook at

USO Okinawa YouTube Channel

My Animal Friends – A Butterfly (12 min)

Butterfly Animals For Kids (3 min)

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